Over the past 25 years, energy markets have shown increased volatility and price spikes.

These are due to many factors, including supply-demand imbalances, weather unpredictability, and geopolitical uncertainties.

We continuously monitor and analyze the energy markets in real time.

We are Energy Risk Management Specialists that help the client understand all the risk elements in order to make an informed decision.

Fixed All-in Pricing

This option provides the client with a fixed price for the entire length of the contract. It gives the most budget certainty and protects the client from market volatility.

Risk Profile: very low

Index Pricing

This option provides the client with a variable monthly price. It gives a client who believes that the cost of energy will go down in the future and therefore doesn't want to be locked in a fixed price.

Risk Profile: very high

Block and Index Pricing (Hybrid)

This option provides the client with a combination of fixed price and variable price. It gives the client partial exposure to market volatility.

Risk Profile: medium


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